Just Dance

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Just Dance
Just Dance
Year: 2021
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Studio Masters presents Just Dance

10 Construction Kits for Deep House and House Music Genres

123 bpm

482MB in total

All kits contain Wave loops and MIDI clips with key information

Kits consist of

Drum loops

Percussion loops

Bass loops

Key loops (piano, synth, guitar, pads, organ)

Vox loops

Take your productions to the next level with the ultimate House pack to build your next masterpiece.

Mix and match the packs to come up with your own variation or use the midi clips included to add your own sounds, or edit them to come up with different variations, the process is endless.

The chopped vocal hooks are superb with different variations in most song kits allowing you build up a complete song with ease.

As the song kits are all individually keyed and labelled you will be able to add additional loops or play along to them in key without the guess work. Add your own FX, fills and crashes to build up the song in your own unique style and create your next club hit.